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 The Meaning Behind Different Engagement Ring Colors

We love a traditional diamond ring, but over the past couple of years colored gemstones have started to trend – and we’re here for it. Not only are colored gemstones a unique and often cost-effective alternative to a diamond, but over the centuries different engagement ring colors have gained a deeper meaning as well. Picking your engagement ring based off of a gemstones symbolism can add even more meaning to your engagement. Which one best represents you and your bride-to-be?

Blue Sapphire

Loyalty, sincerity, and strength
A gemstone fit for royalty. Really. Sapphires have been adorning robes of royalty and clergymen for centuries, and were the choice gemstone for Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring. It represents the unbreakable bond of your relationship and sincere devotion to one another.


Safety, passion, courage

Rubies intense red color breathes fire, power, and desire – all attributes that led early cultures to believe  they held the power of life. It symbolizes the harnessed passion you have for one another that breathes life into your relationship, and the leap of faith your taking into a life of security.


Good fortune, truth, and fidelity

Often associated with rolling green hills and the richest of greens, emeralds have always captured the hearts of those who have laid their eyes on them – Cleopatra included. They represent the truth in your promise to one another and are an omen of good fortune for the years to come.


Hope, purity, truth
Struck down in a bolt of lightning by the gods themselves, this kaleidoscopic gem has been marveled for its glimmering melting pot of hues. Opals symbolize your pure love for one another and a hopeful start to a lifetime of happiness with your trusted partner.


Love, Fidelity, intelligence
Like its many different color variations, Topaz has held multiple meanings around the world. From breaking magic spells, to ensuring a life of longevity and beauty – this gem is rumored to do it all. You’d be smart to put this on your ladies finger for a life full of love and commitment for one another.


Happiness and prosperity

A popular choice between Egyptian and Victorian royalty alike, Citrine has been used to make wondrous jewelry for centuries.They’ll bless your matrimony with blissful joy and ensure its longevity.

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