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Wedding Band Styles Explained

Although the engagement ring typically gets all of the attention, picking out the perfect wedding band is just as important. It symbolizes your commitment and just like your engagement ring, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life. There a lot of different aspects to consider when deciding on wedding band styles and we’ve got them all laid out for you to make your decision a little bit easier.



A channel is cut into the metal and diamonds are placed within so that they are suspended by the two supporting walls for a classic look.



Small diamonds are placed closely together using tiny metal beads. There are multiple variations to this wedding band style, such as French pave, micro pave, and scalloped pave –  each resulting in what appears to be a continuous surface of sparkle.



Each diamond is held in place by an individual or shared claw like prong. This allows in more light to pass through for that extra brilliance.



A thin metal rim fully encircles each diamond to keep it securely in place for a vintage inspired look.



Similar to the channel setting, each diamond is placed between the two supporting walls, with a vertical bar of precious metal supporting it on either side for a contemporary spin on a classic look.



Platinum is the most expensive of the precious metals due to its lustrous appearance, low maintenance, and hypoallergenic status.


White Gold

White gold has a very similar appearance to platinum, but at a more affordable price point. However because of its rhodium plating, it will require routine maintenance to keep it looking its very best.


Rose Gold

Rose gold’s mix of copper and gold gives it that desirable blush hue. It’s gold and copper mixture makes for a strong, durable, and low maintenance choice for a reasonable price.


Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a classic choice with a warm luster. Its durability makes it a great choice for everyday wear, but can be relatively easy to scratch and will require routine polishing to keep it looking its best.



Palladium is relatively rare to find in wedding bands and has a very similar look to platinum at a fraction of the cost. It’s a little less durable than platinum, but doesn’t have to be replated like white gold.



Titanium’s light weight and strength make it a popular option among male wedding bands and the perfect choice for those who work with their hands. The only downside to this metal is that it can not be resized.



Tungsten is another popular choice for male wedding bands. It comes in black, grey, or white and because of its strength and heaviness it cannot be resized.

Unique Band Styles

Curved or Notched

These type of wedding band styles have either a subtle curve that flows perfectly with the curvature of your engagement ring, or a small dip in the center of the ring that fits with your engagement ring like a puzzle piece. These styles typically look best with solitaire rings.



Chevron bands are similar in style to curved and notched rings, but instead create a pointed v-shaped band. This band style offers a modern and trendy compliment to either a pear of marquise style engagement ring.


Ring Enhancers

Also referred to as wraps, ring enhancers are a great option for any engagement ring style and can oftentimes be bought as a “wedding set” with your engagement ring. Their design created the illusion of two wedding bands, when in reality it’s one band with an opening in the middle that fits perfectly around your ring.

Final Thoughts

It’s always good to start off your wedding band hunt by knowing your options, now it’s just time to narrow them down. Keep in mind that you will be wearing these bands for the rest of your life, so you’ll want to be thinking long term. What wedding band styles fit best with my lifestyle? Am I willing to sacrifice metal quality for routine maintenance just to bring down the price? Do I want something fun and trendy, or classic and timeless? All questions you should be asking before making your big purchase!

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